Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow
Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow
Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow
Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow
Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow

Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow

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The ComfortHeaven™ Supportive Cloud Pillow has a very unique shape that makes it the world's best pillow to rest on, with memory foam that helps you with your neck issuesto sleep on your side comfortably and solve the root cause of all upper back and spine problems. It lines up your neck along with your spine, stabilizing your posture while resting. When you sleep correctly in the right position, with your head comfortably placed on a cloud-like material, you relieve pressure off of your body from head to toe, which helps reducing our central nervous system inflammation.

Not only does the ComfortHeaven™ Supportive Cloud Pillow help your body regain its natural posture back, but it saves you’re the hustle of waking up every few hours to fluff up your pillow, or turn it to the other side for it to be cold.


So, if you are one of those people with that uncomfortable pillow that keeps you up all night, despite you folding it, flipping it, and fluffing it, our Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow will definitely make you happy. It is a thick pillow that's shaped like a small handful of eggs with a groove for your head in the center, making it extra comfortable and supportive.


The ComfortHeaven™ Supportive Cloud Pillow is specifically designed for:

  • Scoliosis, herniated cervical and dorsal disk.
  • Upper back pain discomfort, neck issues.
  • Any neck, back post-surgery healing process, by releasing pressure and soothing pain.
  • Neck straightening and cervical problems.
  • Migraines, myalgia and headaches.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Athletes and sportspeople, whether professional or amateur.

 Cloud Pillow



  •  Soft and Comfortable Auxiliary Pillow
    With the Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow, you'll probably feel as if you've set your head down on a soft cloud of comfortable material that can support your head, neck, and shoulders throughout the night.


  •  Supportive Egg Groove Design
    The center of the pillow holds and supports your head and neck at an ideal height for sleep. Meanwhile, the higher curves that surround this groove will help keep your head and neck in this ideal position so they don't wiggle around and become stiff or sore.


  •  Breathable to Have A Cool and Dry Sleep
    This Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow is so well-ventilated that it won't make you hot and sweaty while you sleep. You may not feel the urgent need to hurry to the shower and wash off excess sweat as soon as you wake up, if that's something you normally do.


  •  Fits Any Sleeping Position
    It's not necessary that you stay on your back, as the pillow will accommodateside sleepers and stomach sleepers, too. After you've laid down and chosen your sleeping position, the pillow will begin to gently conform to the shape of your head and upper body. 


  •  Lie Down For A Sound Sleep
    The Premium Supportive Cloud Pillow will cradle and support your head and neck by evenly dispersing the weight of those body parts throughout your entire pillow. For virtually all sleepers, this will enhance your comfort level as you sleep, and thereby help you sleep soundly.


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